Personal Training Packages

Balance Gym Personal Training Packages

Personal Training Packages

If you're interested in Personal or Semi-private training at one of Balance Gym Washington DC locations, Email to set up a complimentary session to discuss your goals, your schedule, and your fitness history.

Based on our experience, the more we know about you going into the session the more you will get out of it and the faster you will reach your goals.


We offer 40 and 60-minute sessions; one on one and small group sessions, and both bulk package and monthly payment options starting at $55-a-session. Discounts are available to Balance Gym Members.

Right Start Training Package - Reach Your Goals Faster

Right start is an amazing one-time special deal meant to help you determine and design a plan to reach your physical goals. A Right Start includes a 20 minute Balance MobilityAssessment along with 3 individualized Personal Training Sessions.

The Balance Mobility Assessment is conducted by one of our specialized trainers to determine muscular imbalances that may cause joint limitations and pain that may lead to injuries. Themobility assessment is crucial to help determine what corrective exercises should be utilized to keep your body in tip top shape and injury free.

The 3 Personal Training sessions will test your fitness level, educate you on the various and numerous methods of training, and help you fomulate a plan for reaching your goals. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a new gym member, Balance trainers will offer unique and fun training methods that will test you in ways you never thought possible. Everyone can benefit from using a personal trainer, and our Right Start program makes it affordable to all!

Cost: $50 FOR NEW MEMBERS within the first month of their membership. All others is $250.


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