Work that Core


Balance Gym Glover Park is home to several experienced Pilates instructors who offer both one-on-one and semi-private Pilates reformer training sessions and group mat classes.

Restore Flexibility

So you don’t know what Pilates is, but you’ve always wanted to try it. You’ve heard it’s about your “core” – wherever that is! – but maybe you think it’s too slow. Well, you should probably come take one of the many Mat and Reformer classes that we offer here to see for yourself, but in order to tide you over until then, the low-down is this: Pilates (originally called “Contrology” and developed by a German guy named Joseph Pilates) is ultimately a way to help you and your body do what you want to do better. You want to lift 200 pounds overhead? Pilates will help strengthen your abdominals and back muscles so that when you try it the first time, you won’t throw out your back. You want to recover faster from those barefoot trail runs you heard were good for you? Pilates will help you understand how to maintain your optimal alignment so you are efficient with each stride. You want to be better in bed? Have you heard of Kegels? They aren’t just for women.

So when you think about Pilates, remember your CORE:

  • Control of your mind and body
  • Overall awareness
  • Reaching beyond your limits
  • Efficiency of movement

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